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AGMA Releases Standard for Wind Turbine Gearboxes

The AGMA Technical Division is pleased to announce the publication of the following new AGMA publication: ANSI/AGMA 6006-B20, Standard for Design and Specifications of Gearboxes for Wind Turbines

Pages: 46  Member: $195.00 USD (after 04/19/2020) and Nonmember Price: $390.00 USD

ISBN: 978-1-64353-073-4


This standard is intended to apply to wind turbine gearboxes. It provides information for specifying, selecting, designing, manufacturing, testing, procuring, operating and maintaining reliable speed increasing gearboxes for wind turbine generator system service.

Annex information is supplied on wind turbine architecture, wind turbine load description, quality assurance, operation and maintenance, minimum purchaser gearbox manufacturer ordering data, lubrication selection and monitoring, determination of an application factor from a load spectrum using the equivalent torque, and bearing stress calculations.


This standard is applicable to enclosed speed increasing gearboxes for horizontal axis wind turbine drivetrains with a power rating in excess of 500 kW. This applies to wind turbines installed both onshore and offshore. This standard applies to modular and integrated designs.

The standard provides guidance on the application of the wind turbine loads in relationship to the design of gears and gearbox elements. A standardized method for calculating gearbox reliability is included which allows for an objective comparison of different gearbox designs. Furthermore, this method provides a means to evaluate designs based upon gearbox lifetime economics.

The gearing elements referenced include spur, helical or double helical and their combinations in parallel and epicyclic arrangements in the main power path. The standard applies to designs using rolling element bearings. Plain bearings are permissible, although their use and rating is not covered.

Guidance is included on the specification of shafts, shaft interfaces and fits, bearings and gear housing structure. Lubrication of the gearbox is covered along with prototype and production testing.

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